Selling Tips

Getting The Most For Your Home:
Selling your home successfully requires the right market advice, promotion and presentation. Presentation is where you come in. First impressions are lasting. Therefore good presentation means interested buyers. So take a close and an objective look at your home.

A Welcome Invitation: Make sure your home looks as attractive from the street as possible. Clean the guttering and the windows and get rid of the leaves and cob- webs. Maybe touch up, wash-down or even repaint the exterior.

Gardens and Views: Overgrown gardens are an eyesore and give the impression of being too difficult to look after. So cut the lawns, trim the edges, prune the trees and weed the garden. Be sure that your best views are shown to advantage.

Spring Clean: Get out the scrubbing brush and the feather duster - it can make all the difference.

See the Light: Dark houses are uninviting. Open the curtains and turn on the lights before an inspection.

Fresh Air: Get rid of those nasty house smells, tobacco, cooking, pets etc. Have your carpets and curtains cleaned and open the windows.

Make them feel at Home: Add some homely touches, fresh flowers on the table and a jar of cookies in the kitchen. Try not to be home during the open inspection. There is nothing worse than having the owner looking over your shoulder, buyers will feel like intruders.

Bathroom & Kitchen: They are the most important rooms in the house and nothing less than sparkling will do. Check leaky taps - they may suggest faulty plumbing.

Pets: Not everybody loves them - no matter how much you do. People like to inspect the property freely.

"Handyman's Dream" Syndrome: Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows and cracking plaster detract from the value of your home. Faults encourage buyers to look for more. Have them fixed.

Decorate for a Quick Sale: Don't leave improvements to the buyer's imagination. An investment in a can of paint could be all that it takes. It could mean a quick sale at a higher price.

Silence is Golden: Let the agent and buyer talk free of disturbance. Turn off the blaring radio, television or stereo.

Temperature: Cool in summer and warm in winter are the best environments for a sale.

Space is Ace: Show off the full size of your home by removing all unnecessary Articles cluttered rooms appear smaller. Neat, well ordered cupboards, robes & pantries show that cupboard space is ample. Do some stocktaking, it will make it easier for the move ahead.

Keys: Make sure you give your agent the front door key. The front door is where the Welcome Mat is.

Leave it to the Experts: marleyDUNCAN Real Estate agents are qualified to handle all aspects of the marketing of your property. Your home is now ready for sale, please feel free to ask your representative any questions.